Authentic Bakery

TOUS les JOURS is a premium bakery that serves its customers with authentic “home-made” quality products by using only the finest ingredients. First established in Korea (1996), TOUS les JOURS, under its parent company CJ Corporation, utilizes its CJ Food Laboratory system and long-standing know-how in the food service industry to ensure the best quality of all its baked goods.
Since the inception of the first TOUS les JOURS bakery in 1997, over 1,000 company-owned and franchised stores have been introduced in Korea, China, Vietnam, and the US. CJ Bakery currently offers global franchising opportunities to further the reach of its delectable treats to international consumers.

In the US, TOUS les JOURS has operations in California, Georgia, Texas, Massachussets, New Jersey, and New York with ongoing expansion plans. TOUS les JOURS is committed to delivering freshly baked treats and beverages, everyday with the utmost care and service.

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