About Bibigo

In 2011, Bibigo was launched by CJ, Korea’s number one food company and leading producer of authentic Asian foods. With a full line of signature Korean grocery staples, Bibigo’s mission is to introduce delicious and Korean food culture to the rest of the world. Bibigo gets its name from a mash-up of Korean “bi-bi-da” (“to mix”) and English “to-go”, reflecting both its food and social characteristics. it seeks to play a leading role in demystifying the unique characteristics of Korean culinary culture, while introducing a variety of new, distinct flavors to the American palate. Bibigo currently operates 3 locations in Greater Los Angeles – at Westfield Century City Mall, Westwood Village and Glendale Galleria. Bibigo’s Korean grocery staples include a variety of steamed dumplings, mini wontons, Korean BBQ sauces, and many more, and are available nationwide in gourmet, natural, and mass-market grocers.
Visit us.Bibigo.com for more information.
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