Global Logistics Company in Asia

CJ Korea Express is the company that was integrated by CJ GLS and ‘Korea Express’, the first transport company in Korea. It provides globally-integrated end-to-end SCM solution to our clients and committed innovation driven supply chain solution as to our customer compliance programs ensuring transparency, stability, consistency to various industry in the world.
CJ Korea Express USA established in 1974 Specialized Defense, Tire, CPG industry end to end supply chain solution. It is running 3 Distribution centers (total 1.4 Mil/Sqft) and Total Volume (Avg.500K/Month) with In-trucking, warehousing and US domestic distribution services.
CJ Korea Express Mexico is running1 Regional Distribution centers (total 15K/Sqft), international freight forwarding, in-land trucking, warehousing and Mexico domestic distribution services.
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