Korean Cuisine to the World

bibigo™ is CJ’s vision of bringing “Korean Cuisine to the World.” Since its inception, the bibigo™ brand was envisioned with the global consumer in mind. Inspired by healthy, fresh, and innovative concepts, bibigo™ recipes are created to satisfy the taste buds of food enthusiasts all over the world. Since launching its first restaurant in Seoul, Korea in 2010, bibigo™ has expanded internationally, making its way into the Chinese, Singapore, and US markets. bibigo™ restaurants are expected to exceed a thousand worldwide locations by 2015.bibigo™ was first introduced to the US in 2010 with the opening of its Westwood and Beverly Hills stores. Three more locations will be added by 2012,bringing total operations to five restaurants in Southern California. As CJ’s symbol of Korean food culture, bibigo™’s mission is to introduce Korean cuisine throughout the world, one stomach at a time.
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