Don‘t just watch the movie; Be in it!

A part of CJ’s CGV family, CJ 4DPlex Co., Ltd. presents an all-five-senses immersive cinematic experience that goes beyond 3D. Known as 4DX, this exclusive technology allows all to connect with the movie and experience special effects through motion, wind, fog, lighting, and scents that enhance the visuals on-screen. 4DX will send viewers on a journey with the characters and propel them beyond the flat screen experience. Its theaters have been wildly successful in Korea since its introduction in 2009, and have quickly expanded into China, Thailand, and Mexico, with plans for additional international expansion in the pipeline.
In the US, CJ’s 4DX Hollywood Laboratory works closely with major studios to harness the technology and special effects of 4DX in order to enhance the storytelling process in the critical post-production stage, and execute the vision of leading filmmakers in ways that have never been seen before.
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